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Alimasag with Misua and Patola

Ingredients:3 cloves garlic, minced1 medium sized onion, slicedthumb sized ginger, sliced1 tbsp cooking oilsalt and pepper”Patis” fish sauce500 ml waterfish sauce500 grams “Alimasag” crabs, crack each piece in the middle 1 medium size “Patola” sponge gourd, peeled and cut crosswise1 small pack of misuabunch of green onion leaves2 pieces green chili (optional)

Procedure:Pre-heat pan. Once pan is hot, add cooking oil.Once cooking oil is hot, sautè garlic, onions and ginger.Add crabs and sponge gourd. Continue sautèing until parts of the crab turn orange.Add water to the pan. Once boiling, add salt, pepper and fish sauce to taste.Add green chilis and green onions. Turn off heat after 3 minutes.


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