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Shazam! Movie: Family and Fun Rolled Into One

We went out on a family movie date last night and watched Shazam!. The kids had seen the trailer and been waiting for it to be shown here in Manila ever since.

Billy Batson is a foster kid searching for his mother. He runs into an ancient wizard named Shazam (short for Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, Mercury) while being chased and escaping school bullies. Billy was chosen by Shazam to be his new champion. Upon calling his name, Billy was transformed to an adult superhero. It’s a roller coaster ride for Billy as he struggles as a superhero who still doesn’t know what his powers are and as a foster kid adjusting to his new home and school. He endured it and became a viral sensation all thanks to his new found friend at his foster home, Freddy. Meanwhile, evil Dr. Sivana who stole the Eye Of Sin and became the Sin’s vessel was in search of the new champion so he can acquire his powers. I’ll just leave it all here so you can catch it in cinemas! 😉 What a great movie with an unexpected plot twist in the end.

Kids will definitely enjoy seeing this DC film. It’s funny, family-oriented and action-packed. Not to mention the great story plot and movie effects. It’s definitely a family and fun rolled into one movie.
Don’t leave right away once the credits start showing. This movie might be having a sequel, we’re crossing our fingers! 🤞
Shazam is rated PG-13 and currently showing at all cinemas nationwide.


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