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Movie Review: Hello, Love, Goodbye (Spoiler Alert)


I met with my mommy friends, Beverly & Vanessa, to see this movie. Last time I saw them was when we watched Alone/Together! We finally had the chance to take a break from taking care of the kids, thanks to our loving husbands. 🤗

I was curious when I first saw the trailer because I immediately see an on-screen chemistry between Kathryn and Alden. My curiousity grew bigger when I saw the big crowd amidst the strong rain during their mall tour at Vista Mall Taguig.


Hello, Love, Goodbye is a breath of fresh air from the love team that we are used to see. A break from the typical Filipino movie storyline of infidelity and deception. Everything was incorporated well in the movie- family, friendship and love. Surprisingly, the storyline was smooth. It was a complete package. The characters of Kathryn and Alden dealt with their relationship with all honesty but things still didn’t worked out well. So imagine the disappointment I had and the tears I shed. I admire how strong-willed Joy (Kathryn) is and a risk-taker towards achieving her dreams. With Ethan (Alden), I admire his courage to take a risk again in falling in love with Joy despite the situation they are in. I had mixed emotions with how the story ended- dismayed that they parted and at the same time I find hope in their goodbye. A sequel to this is something I’m looking forward to. This movie definitely exceeded my expectations. More movies with these two, please! 🥰



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