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#DoItRight Campaign: A Call to Filipinos to Proudly Support RH Law and Responsible Parenthood

Survey over the years show that more than 70 percent of Filipinos support family planning and initiatives, such as the Responsible Parenthood and RH Law. A coalition of 11 organizations launched the Do It Right! Campaign last August 16, 2019 to urge Filipinos to proudly show their support for reproductive health and family planning with the Do It Right! slogan and hand sign.

“The Do It Right! Campaign is designed to encourage everyone to take those beliefs they already hold inside and share them out in the open, proudly, especially on social media like Facebook,” said co-organizer Benjamin de Leon, President of The Forum for Family Planning and Development. “By showing each other how many feel the same, in a positive, celebratory spirit, Filipinos can together free themselves from old inhibitions.”

The Do It Right! Hand Sign

The Do It Right! hand sign is the campaign’s new symbol for Reproductive Health. Two fingers together symbolize the relationship of two people. The thumb in between represents the contraceptive or safe-sex measures that strengthen their bond.

“The Do It Right! slogan and logo are not private properties. They belong to everyone to use as long as they believe in and align with the campaign’s core principles,” said Hyam Asher Bolande, Chairman of the Board of DKT Philippines. “This is wide open. We invite anyone who feels this topic is important – companies, famous Filipinos, anyone – to come on board.”

Do It Right! Campaign’s Social Media and Online Initiatives

“Am I pregnant?” “What is the best contraceptive I can use?” “Can you share your experience with the contraceptive that you are using?”

These are just some of the questions I encounter everyday on 1st Time Moms (a Facebook parenting group I co-manage with my mommy friends). The awareness of family planning is there hence their questions. However they lack the proper knowledge and asks information to co-mommies who most of the time answers based on hearsay and their personal experiences.

With the coalition’s set up of Do It Right’s Facebook page, we can now encourage parents to like and follow the page for more accurate information about family planning. This will serve as the focal point for the evolving campaign, as well as the hashtag #DoItRIght.

“The Facebook page is just the start. It will soon be joined by Do It Right! website in English and Filipino language that will serve as portal for people to find factual information on sexual and reproductive health and family planning in a user-friendly self-service manner,” said Hyam Asher Bolande, Chairman of the Board of DKT Philippines.

The campaign will also include festival events and advertising in traditional media – billboards, prints and radio.

About the Do It Right! Coalition

Initial members include DKT Philippines, the Family Planning Organization of the Philippines (FPOP), The Forum for Family Planning and Development, The Philippine Society for Responsible Parenthood, LoveYourself, RTI International, SheDecides Philippines, and all four professional associations for the country’s midwives: The Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines (IMAP), the Private Practicing Midwives Association of the Philippines (PPMAP), the Midwives Foundation of the Philippines (MFPI), and the Philippine League of Government and Private Midwives (PLGPM).


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