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Easy Calamares

I never knew it would be this easy to cook Calamares! Had I known it before I wouldn’t waste time ordering from the nearby Paluto in our area. 🤣 I got the recipe online and tweaked it a little bit. Here you go!


• 1/2 kgs squid, cleaned and cut into rings (I used the small ones, Pusit Tunay as they call at the public market. You can also use the squid packs sold at the supermarket. Advantage is it’s already cleaned.)

• 500 ml water

• salt

• pepper

• 1 beaten egg

• 4 cups flour (divide it in half, 2 cups for the batter and 2 cups for dredging)

3 cups water

Maggi Magic Sarap

• cooking oil


• Bring to boil water with a dash of salt and pepper.

• Once the water is boiling, put in the squid and blanch for 1 minute.

• Turn off heat and remove the squid from the water. Use a strainer to remove excess water. Let it cool.

• Prepare your batter. Add 3 cups of water to 2 cups flour. Mix it well until few lumps are seen. Set aside.

• Pour the beaten egg to the squid. Mix.

• Prepare your dry breading. Mix 2 cups of flour with a small pack of Maggi Magic Sarap, 1/2 tsp salt and a dash of pepper.

• Heat your cooking pan. Pour in cooking oil enough to deep-fry the squid.

• Dip the squid to the batter for coating (You can put all of it at the same time) then dredge it with the dry breading.

DO NOT OVERCOOK. Cook the squid in high heat for only 1 to 2 minutes to avoid a rubbery texture.

Pair it with spicy vinegar or your choice of dip (my kids love ketchup and mayo).


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