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Quick & Easy French Toast

Fuwa Fuwa’s Mini Loaf Caramel is perfect if you’re planning to make French Toasts. It’s thickness prevents the bread from sagging when you dip it in milk but locks in the fluffiness of it. You can also choose to not add sugar or honey anymore because of it’s rich caramel flavor. Here’s my quick & easy recipe.



1 Fuwa Fuwa Mini Loaf Caramel

1 cup of milk (I used The Emerald Fresh’s Whole Milk)

1 tsp of sugar or 1/2 tsp of honey (optional)

2 drops of vanilla

dash of cinnamon

sliced fruits (optional, you can also use jam)

coco jam or maple syrup


1 In a bowl, mix together milk, sugar/honey, vanilla and cinnamon.

2 Dip both sides of every loaf slice. Do not soak to avoid sagging. You don’t want your bread to have a pudding consistency.

3 Fry in a non stick pan for 3 minutes each side of loaf slice.

4 Top with sliced fruits and drizzle with coco jam or maple syrup. Enjoy!