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The Day I Loved Seaweeds

I am always in search for natural, organic and locally-made products. I’m in awe whenever I come across a Philippine-made product that works amazingly well.

I came across MyNatural on Instagram and I was very curious about their product since it contains seaweeds! I am not aware that aside from being an excellent source of fiber, it can also be blended with natural ingredients and be made as a shampoo and conditioner. Luckily, MyNatural sent me over some of their goodies so I can try it. So what’s my verdict? Read on.

Thank you My Natural PH for sending these goodies over!

AlgyNatural Hair Care: Seaweeds Shampoo

This shampoo contains ®️Eve Marine Biocomplex: marine seaweeds blended with VCO and essential oils for healthy and lustrous hair nourished from root to tip. This product actually is all in one, it helps avoid dandruff, stimulates hair growth and infuses your hair with moisture and shine.

I’m happy that their shampoo can be used with any hair-type. So I was really game with testing their product!

I am now on my 2nd week of using AlgyNatural Hair Care: Seaweeds Shampoo and I can say that surprisingly, my damaged and chemically-treated hair is now soft and manageable. That really came to me as a surprise since with the other natural and organic hair products that I used, it made my hair tangled and unmanageable. My hairfall was also lessened! Luke is now 4 years old but I’m still experiencing post-partum hairfall.

It comes in two scents: Citrus and Floral

AlgyNatural Hair Care: Seaweeds Conditioner

Nothing but praises too with their AlgyNatural Seaweeds Conditioner. I love it’s fresh scent and how it keeps my hair manageable the whole day. Best thing is it contains Vitamin E – good for my hair and scalp.

I’m currently using the Citrus scent but I’m just a little bit confused since it smells sweet when I’m lathering it on my hair but swear, it really smells fresh afterwards for the whole day! So YES, the day I loved seaweeds was when I tried My Natural Seaweeds Shampoo and Conditioner!

AlgyNatural Hair Care: Seaweeds Shampoo (114 pesos, 100 ml) and Seaweeds Conditioner (118 pesos, 100 ml)

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Next up for review:

• AlgyNatural Hair Care: Seaweeds Shampoo & Conditioner for MEN

• MyNatureLand: Bathroom Spray


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