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Grocery Shopping Tips

Grocery shopping is part of a mom’s life and I’m obsessed with it. It’s my “me” time. I bet you’ve also seen mom memes talking about grocery shopping as freedom to some mothers or how long mothers would take when they go shop for stocks at home- this is me. 😂

I’ve been grocery shopping regularly for almost 6 years now. This regular shopping begun when we started living on our own as a family. I experienced ending up buying what we don’t need, buying a lot of items that are soon expiring and a whole lot more. With that, of course, I learned a routine of what works for us!

So if you’re a mom who’s still trying to figure out how to grocery shop, this one’s for you! 😉

Grocery Shopping Tips:

1. Make a list. Get those planners or white boards (if you have one) at home working. List the item that needs to be replenished before you go to bed.

2. Set your budget. Stop overspending by setting a budget for all your purchases. Make sure your list fits your budget. How do you do this? List first what you need. As what others would also say, Needs first before wants.

3. Be familiar with you favorite brands’ price. So you’ll know what will fit in your budget. I keep some of the old receipts so I can check the pricing of what we have bought before.

4. Bring a calculator or use your phone’s calculator. If you’re not familiar with the pricing, this is a great help while you’re shopping. Avoid surprises while checking out at the counter.

4. Never go grocery shopping HUNGRY. When you go shopping hungry, I can guarantee you that you’ll end up buying more. All the food on the shelf definitely looks delicious when you’re hungry.

5. Shop dry items first and ALWAYS check expiration date. Avoid spoilage and expired/soon-to-be expired items. You don’t know how long you’ll be shopping especially during payday. Frozen food, meat and fish should be the last on your list. Get a seperate basket for the wet items.

6. Segregate the items in your cart. Food and non-food should be put in your cart seperately. What I do is get 1 big cart and 2 baskets. Basket #1 goes under the cart for non-food items. Basket #2 inside the cart for frozen food, meat, vegetables and fruits.

7. Buy items in bulk and watch out for a SALE. If you compare prices of items in small sachet versus big packs, do the math and you’ll save a lot more. It’s also indicated sometimes on the packaging the amount of savings you’ll get if you buy the big pack. Some grocery stores put on sale those soon-to-be expired items, you can still buy it but keep in mind the expiration date of course.

8. Stick to your budget. Setting a budget goes to waste if you don’t stick to it. That’s why it’s really a big help that you bring a calculator when you go shopping so you’ll know if you still have extra funds for that chocolate you’ve been craving for or that new pasta recipe you want to try! 😉

9. Bring your own eco-bag. Some grocery stores are still using plastic bags for your groceries. Start helping Mother Nature by bringing your own container for your meat and fish, an eco-bag for all your goods or ask the bagger to put your purchases in a used box.

10. Keep track of your purchases on the cash register’s screen. Mistakes happen sometimes- quantity of the item doubled or price on the shelf not the same as on the cash register. Watch as your purchases are recorded on the screen.

So there you go mommies! That’s my top 10 grocery shopping tips made just for you. 😉 Is there any tip that you would like to share, too? Write down on the comment box so others can also read it. ❤