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Erin’s Place: Lutong Bahay Experience by Chef Nanay

Moms hardly get a day-off especially this quarantine period! We cook to fill our family’s tummies. We clean and sanitize everything 24/7. We became our kids’ teacher for now. We also risk ourselves whenever we go out to run errands. This is really tiring! As moms, we can complain and ask for help but for sure we’ll still end up doing everything because we want to and that’s what moms do. Haha!

Last Sunday, Chef Nanay treated me to a well deserved day-off by sending us a couple of my favorite lutong bahay dishes from Erin’s Place Restaurant.

The delivery was very prompt, I had scheduled it for lunch and the food arrived around 10:30am. Chef Nanay have their own delivery guy, too. No need to book thru a delivery/courier service. I have just enough time to take some photos! Now off to the taste test part. 😉

I got 5 of their delectable dishes. I was also surprised that it was so heavy when the delivery guy handed it over to me. I thought there was a mistake with the delivery. When I opened the brown bag I was really surprised to see how generous their servings are! They sent me food good for 6-10 people.

I tasted the Beef in Mushroom Sauce first since it’s one of my favorite dish. The beef was so tender! I can taste the creaminess of the sauce with bits and pieces of mushroom in it. Oh boy, I make this dish too but Chef Nanay leveled up the creaminess and buttery taste of it.

Beef In Mushroom Sauce

I then moved on to taste their Fried Chicken. They sent a whole chicken so imagine how happy Renz and Luke was. It was really a feast. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. It was seasoned just right even with the breast part. Chef Nanay’s Fried Chicken is perfectly partnered with banana ketchup. Just like many Pinoy’s want.

Whole Fried Chicken

My tummy’s getting all filled up by now so I tried Chef Nanay’s Chopsuey. It was a mix of cabbage, carrots, baguio beans, bell pepper and pork. The vegetables was tender-crisp. I can still savor it’s crunch in every bite!


Next up is Chef Nanay’s Dinuguan. The pork was really tender. The sweetness and sourness of the dish was balanced. Since one of the main ingredient of this dish is pork’s blood, I am very particular when it comes to the taste of Dinuguan. I didn’t taste any lansa at all.

And now my favorite: Salmon. Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon. I love that I can taste the sourness of the Sinigang! The strong fishy taste of the Salmon was mellowed by the ginger bits I found in the soup. This dish has a really huge serving, 3 big salmon heads with lots of Kangkong.

Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon

The verdict: Chef Nanay will bring back your memories of home! Lutong Bahay indeed! Since their servings were really generous I also shared and sent some food to my mom back home. They got to enjoy Chef Nanay’s delectable dishes too. I heard from a friend that their Barbeque and Chicken Inasal is superb too. We’ll try that soon.

Erin’s Place MENU

Get to experience alaga ni Chef Nanay by ordering thru Erin’s Place Restaurant’s Facebook Page/Instagram or by calling 0906-211-1129.

Erin’s Place Restaurant is located at Bayani Road, Western Bicutan, Taguig City. They also have a branch in Tagaytay City.

We’d love to visit there once this pandemic is over! Thank you Dave of Erin’s Place Restaurant for introducing Chef Nanay to us!


9 thoughts on “Erin’s Place: Lutong Bahay Experience by Chef Nanay

  1. Ang sasarap naman ng luto ng Erin’s. Binabasa ko lang pero mukhang masarap talaga. Gusto ko matikman lahat! Lalo na yung dinugoan. Wow na wow!!


  2. This is great to know that there is Erin’s Place to save the day if you want a real lutong bahay and hassle free cooking! I am cravings for the Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon and Dinuguan.


  3. I am excited to eat Lutong Bahay without me cooking!
    This is promising and seeing the servings and price – it is really worth it.


  4. yay good to know na super lapit lang pala nila sa amin 😍 perfect pambaon at even sa mga occasion. Natuwa naman ako of bringing back memories of lutong bahay 👏😍 Thanks Nanay Chef! curious ako sa mushroom beef nila. Andami food choices po.
    Joined💙 ig @iamlove_iloveyou
    fb : love compoc


  5. Nice at marami ang servings nila pang whole family..Thank you for sharing another lutong bahay ulam na restaurant nearby.
    Joined Mam ig @elybcomp
    fb : ely bantugan


  6. wow😍ang galing naman halatang super sarap ng mga recipes nila,at affordable pa.,
    relate ako sa sinabi mo momsh,kasi as a nanay minsan tinatamad din ako magluto kasi pagod na sa gawaing bahay,plus going to market pa,buti nalang merong restaurant na tulad ng erins na sila pa mismo mag dedeliver ng food mo,kaya super guaranted na safe and clean yung food na dadalahin sayo,, at ontime pa😍the best restaurant talaga ang Erins Place.

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