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Euky Bear Baby Laundry Liquid: Gentle and Natural from the Land Down Under

It’s Summer! As much as we wanted to enjoy the heat of the sun and the warm breezy air, we can’t because it’s the time of the year that Luke’s Eczema flares up.

Having a kid with Eczema is difficult. That’s why as much as possible, I observe what causes the flare ups so we can prevent it in the future. But Summer isn’t something we can avoid since we live in a tropical country. So I always look for products that don’t have harsh ingredients.

And just in time, Koofty Enterprises sent us one of their products- Euky Bear Baby Laundry Liquid. I tried it last weekend and I am very satisfied with the result. I love it’s relaxing Eucalyptus scent!

Luke’s load of laundry for a week
3/4 cup of Euky Bear Baby Laundry Liquid does the job!

Luke’s clothes smells fresh and clean, it doesn’t have that strong smell residue compared to a regular detergent.

Clothes looking fresh and clean under the sunny sun!

More details on this product:
• laundry liquid especially for baby
• plant powered and gentle on sensitive skin
• removes stubborn baby stains (even kid paint stains!) and dust mite allergens (kudos to this!)
• with natural, 100% Australian Eucalyptus Oil
• NO harsh ingredients (NO synthetic fragrances or dyes, NO bleaches, NO optical brighteners, NO enzymes, NO zeolites, NO SLS, NO added phosphates)
• can be used for handwash and washing machine
• Australian-made and owned

Not tested on animals | Vegan-friendly | Eco-friendly

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Euky Bear Baby Laundry Liquid is distributed here in the Philippines by Koofty Enterprises. Koofty Enterprises’ products are available on Shopee and Lazada.

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GOMO, Is It Really THE Game Changer?

Last October, we moved outside of Metro Manila. It didn’t cross my mind that we’re going to have any issues applying for internet service. Kasi nga when we did an ocular visit we saw naman there’s PLDT sa poste. Hahaha!

After months of applying and getting denied by PLDT Home, we gave up. Their reason is walang slot. Meh. Maybe you have also seen me on their comment section pleading them to have mercy on this momma who:
A. has kids na nag-oonline classes
B. has a husband who works online and
C. needs to keep her sanity by watching Netflix/Tulflix series. 🤣

So we opted to use Smart and Globe prepaid. The problem is, it’s not reliable especially during the day. We switch to whichever service is working. Trial and error lagi ang peg namin.

And here comes GOMO, the game changer but I call them the life saver! The newest Telco company here in the PH. With their unlimited plan offer we don’t need to keep track of our usage anymore. For only P499*, we get unlimited data, calls, and texts for 30 days.

Got our GOMO simcard last March 24 (cropped the address part)

For the speed, I know you’re curious about that, I usually get 4-5mbps during the day & 10mbps up at night (since the kids are already sleeping hahaha!) BUT before that when we first purchased our GOMO simcard around March, we get 30-40mbps during the wee hours of the morning. Hindi na masama!

April 22, 2021, 11:00PM
April 23, 2021, 12:30AM
March 2021, 4:00AM

Some infos I would like to share too:
• Gomo’s Unli Plan is temporary, pasulpot sulpot lang siya. So follow them on their Facebook page para updated ka when will be the next sale.
• The simcard costs P299 with 30GB of data (until April 30 only). The regular plan is P299, 30GB NO EXPIRY.
• It’s 5G & LTE ready!
• Speed is capped na unlike before pero we don’t have any issues kahit sabay pa ang online classes (Zoom on iPad) and video streaming (Netflix/YouTube on Samsung STV).

For more information, check out this link:

I can’t give feedback yet regarding the call and text service since we are only using our GOMO simcard for data. In case you’re wondering, we have set up our simcard in our Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi.

If you want to try GOMO, you can purchase their simcard online at, Lazada or Shopee. It’s also available thru the following partner merchants:
Puregold, SM, 7-Eleven, Mini Stop, Silicon Valley, & MemoXpress. We purchased ours online pa last March. It’s more accessible now.

GOMO SIM available at Puregold, SM, 7-Eleven, Mini Stop, Silicon Valley, MemoXpress and Shopee

Are you also using the services of GOMO? Let me hear about your experience by leaving a comment below.

*Unli data with max speed of up to 5mbps, Unli calls to GOMO, Globe, TM, & Cherry Mobile numbers, Unli All-Net texts.

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Achieve the right money behavior in FQ Trilogy’s book 2

Finance guru Rose Fres Fausto turns the spotlight on principles affecting money behaviors in her latest book “Why Financial Education Alone Does Not Work,” the second installment in her financial intelligence quotient (FQ) trilogy published by ABS-CBN Books.

“Why Financial Education Alone Does Not Work” is now available on Lazada and Shopee for only P680.

“It took a lot of courage on my part to write this book. Why? Because many people would not like to hear what I have to say,” said the bestselling author, who seeks to elucidate why financial literacy per se is not enough to guide people in making better money choices.

While understanding finance fundamentals remains important, the FQ mom said that people should not count on it to solve woeful behaviors that lead to poor money conditions. “In order to solve financial problems, we have to focus on our actual financial behavior,” she added.

“Why Financial Education Alone Does Not Work” is divided into three parts and Rose shares her detailed assessment in the first part of the book followed by a crash course on behavioral economics.

In the book’s third part called “The Psychology Of Money,” the author introduced two main characters—Mak who is ‘makatwiran’ or rational and Emong who makes financial decisions based on his emotions. 

Readers will get to see themselves in these two characters facing various relatable situations as Rose tackles 16 vital principles affecting how people arrive at money decisions in everyday life, even when buying essentials, paying for repairs, and doing leisurely activities.   

Meet the two main characters- Mak who is ‘makatwiran’ or rational and Emong who makes financial decisions based on his emotions. 

Among the principles explained are the ‘price of free’ which attracts people to the price of zero than any other price, no matter how low; ‘ego depletion’ or the limited ability to make sound choices because of decision overload, hunger, self-restraint, and fatigue; and ‘pain of paying’ which seems to make purchases less painful depending on the mode of payment.

FQ Mom Rose Fres Fausto

Rose is a newspaper columnist, a behavioral economist, and a Gallup-certified strengths coach. Her new manual is a follow-up to “FQ: The nth Intelligence” book where she talked about tips on how to improve one’s relationship with money.

Understand “Why Financial Education Alone Does Not Work” and learn about the “Psychology of Money” in this latest ABS-CBN Books’ offering available on Lazada, and Shopee for only P680. For more details, follow ABS-CBN Books on Facebook ( and Instagram (@abscbnbooks).