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The Emerald Fresh: Local Farmers Bringing Creamy Goodness Straight To Our Doorstep

Did you know that only 1% of consumed milk in the Philippines come from local farmers?

Yes, you read that right. Shocking, no? If you check the shelves at your local grocery store you’ll see a lot of popular PH brands of fresh milk but when you take a closer look at where the milk came from, it usually came from New Zealand.

Nothing wrong with that but why not support our local farmers?

Did you know that we have local farmers in Batangas who is into processing organic, grass-fed and hormone-free cow’s milk? That’s The Emerald Fresh! ❀

Our friends from The Emerald Fresh sent us a bunch of their products so we can try it’s creamy goodness. Here’s our family’s honest and unbiased review. Read on! πŸ˜‰


Whole Milk and Chocolate Milk

All raves to The Emerald Fresh’s Whole Milk. It’s creaminess is just right. Compared to other fresh milks, it didn’t have any after taste at all. Whenever I taste milk I always have this weird feeling in my mouth but with The Emerald Fresh’s Whole Milk, I never experienced this. My kids love drinking this in the morning straight from the fridge. A perfect pair to their cereals.


Just like these 2, The Emerald Fresh’s Whole milk and Chocolate milk is perfect together too!

“Tastes like ice cream!” was Renz’s immediate reaction upon tasting the Chocolate Milk. To be honest, I haven’t tasted any chocolate milk like this one. It has the right amount of chocolate and milk blend. Upon checking it’s ingredients, it’s all natural too!


Ingredients: Cow’s Milk, Water, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla, Salt and Food Color

The Breakfast Smoothies

I finally found a healthier alternative to the popular yogurt drink the kids are fond of!

We tried first the Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie and we tasted it’s creaminess, thick consistency and real strawberry bits. Renz’s kept asking if he can bring a bottle to school for a snack since he can’t get enough of it. I find the serving of the bottle too much for a toddler so whenever we open one, Renz and Luke often share.


Same with the Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie, we tasted real fruit bits from the Blueberry and Raspberry variant. We have different favorites so if we’re going to place an order, it will be all the variants. Mine is Raspberry, Luke & Daddy Andrei loves Blueberry and Renz likes the Strawberry and Mango variant.


Luke enjoying his Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie

Where To Find The Emerald Fresh

I would like to commend the delivery man who brought us their product. He immediately gave me instructions on how to handle the milk. The Emerald Fresh is not available yet on any of our local grocery stores or supermarkets but I’m hoping to see them on the shelves soon for an easier access for purchase. You can send them a message on Facebook or Instagram to place your order with a minimal shipping fee within Metro Manila. They also deliver in Cavite, Laguna, and Antipolo. Here’s their list of products:


Photo grabbed from The Emerald Fresh’s Facebook Page

Try their products too and let me know your thoughts. Let’s support our local farmers by buying their products.

The Emerald Fresh Facebook Page:

The Emerald Fresh Instagram Account:

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Movie Review: Hello, Love, Goodbye (Spoiler Alert)


I met with my mommy friends, Beverly & Vanessa, to see this movie. Last time I saw them was when we watched Alone/Together! We finally had the chance to take a break from taking care of the kids, thanks to our loving husbands. πŸ€—

I was curious when I first saw the trailer because I immediately see an on-screen chemistry between Kathryn and Alden. My curiousity grew bigger when I saw the big crowd amidst the strong rain during their mall tour at Vista Mall Taguig.


Hello, Love, Goodbye is a breath of fresh air from the love team that we are used to see. A break from the typical Filipino movie storyline of infidelity and deception. Everything was incorporated well in the movie- family, friendship and love. Surprisingly, the storyline was smooth. It was a complete package. The characters of Kathryn and Alden dealt with their relationship with all honesty but things still didn’t worked out well. So imagine the disappointment I had and the tears I shed. I admire how strong-willed Joy (Kathryn) is and a risk-taker towards achieving her dreams. With Ethan (Alden), I admire his courage to take a risk again in falling in love with Joy despite the situation they are in. I had mixed emotions with how the story ended- dismayed that they parted and at the same time I find hope in their goodbye. A sequel to this is something I’m looking forward to. This movie definitely exceeded my expectations. More movies with these two, please! πŸ₯°


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L’Oreal True Match Foundation: True To It’s Words

Want to look fresh without that lagkit feel on your face? Read on!


As an on-the-go mom, I want something that will keep me fresh and looking good all day long! πŸ’• @lorealparismakeupshop was true to it’s words when they said that True Match Powder Foundation has a matte coverage and 8-hr oil control formula.

This product gave me a matte coverage but wasn’t able to cover my skin blemishes. What I love about this is I was able to have an oil-free face for the whole day without any touch ups! It is lightweight, too! πŸ’•

Smell was superb! (as I mentioned on my IG story the first time I got it) What was nah for me is the double sided puff, it looks soiled after a few days of use so I ended up using my foundation brush.

Will I purchase this? There’s a lot of product out there that can also cover my skin blemishes but YES, I need something that will last this long on my face, has SPF & Vitamin E and won’t clog the pores on my face! πŸ˜‰

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Namba Food Station: Your next Japanese Food Stop

We went out for groceries last night and decided to eat out after. It was already 9:30 pm and we chose to eat at Namba Food Station, a new Japanese restaurant at Venice Piazza.

There’s only a couple of people dining inside since it was already late. We proceed to order at their self-ordering counter. We ordered: Spicy Ramen, Aburi Salmon Belly Don, Katsudon, Tempura, Gyoza and Chicken Gizzard Yakitori. Yes, we were really hungry! πŸ˜…

I checked out their shelf of Japanese goodies while we were waiting for the food. So if you are craving for these goodies you can drop by at Namba Station to buy some. They also have a function room and washroom inside.

Here are snapshots of the food we ordered. I forgot to take a picture of the Gyoza and Chicken Gizzard Yakitori because I was already devouring my Salmon Belly Don when it was served. πŸ˜…

I love Salmon! However what was served was entirely different from what’s on the menu’s picture. It was delicious though. 😊

A huge serving of Katsudon which the kids were able to share and enjoy.

We also enjoyed their tasty and crispy Tempura. The Gyoza was also approved by the kids and the Yakitori was husband-approved. 😊

Namba Food Station is definitely a new must try restaurant at Venice Piazza. You get to satisfy your Japanese food cravings for a reasonable price and legit Japanese food taste. The Instagrammable place was a bonus. We will be back soon to try out their Gyudon, Rolls, Sushi and Sashimi. 😊❀
Namba Food Station is located at the ground floor of The Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hill, Taguig.

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Shazam! Movie: Family and Fun Rolled Into One

We went out on a family movie date last night and watched Shazam!. The kids had seen the trailer and been waiting for it to be shown here in Manila ever since.

Billy Batson is a foster kid searching for his mother. He runs into an ancient wizard named Shazam (short for Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, Mercury) while being chased and escaping school bullies. Billy was chosen by Shazam to be his new champion. Upon calling his name, Billy was transformed to an adult superhero. It’s a roller coaster ride for Billy as he struggles as a superhero who still doesn’t know what his powers are and as a foster kid adjusting to his new home and school. He endured it and became a viral sensation all thanks to his new found friend at his foster home, Freddy. Meanwhile, evil Dr. Sivana who stole the Eye Of Sin and became the Sin’s vessel was in search of the new champion so he can acquire his powers. I’ll just leave it all here so you can catch it in cinemas! πŸ˜‰ What a great movie with an unexpected plot twist in the end.

Kids will definitely enjoy seeing this DC film. It’s funny, family-oriented and action-packed. Not to mention the great story plot and movie effects. It’s definitely a family and fun rolled into one movie.
Don’t leave right away once the credits start showing. This movie might be having a sequel, we’re crossing our fingers! 🀞
Shazam is rated PG-13 and currently showing at all cinemas nationwide.

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Iyah’s Ice Cream Milkshake

So the boys were craving something for dessert after our late lunch yesterday. We passed by Iyah’s Ice Cream Milkshake (2L Vista Mall Taguig) and they decided to try it. The photos and price was too good to be true. Then they handed us our orders and tasted it, it was really what’s on the photo and it was a taste of a legit milkshake!

TSince it’s overloaded, the milkshake keeps on spilling. Good thing they have tissues placed at the counter so you can immediately wipe the excess off. It would really be nice if there’s some sort of plate to catch what’s falling off so you can still eat it. lol

Iyah’s is definitely HAPPINESS WITH EVERY SIP! πŸ˜‰Here’s their Menu (photo grabbed from Zomato):

FOther branch locations: you’re interested in franchising, you can visit their website at: