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Euky Bear Baby Laundry Liquid: Gentle and Natural from the Land Down Under

It’s Summer! As much as we wanted to enjoy the heat of the sun and the warm breezy air, we can’t because it’s the time of the year that Luke’s Eczema flares up.

Having a kid with Eczema is difficult. That’s why as much as possible, I observe what causes the flare ups so we can prevent it in the future. But Summer isn’t something we can avoid since we live in a tropical country. So I always look for products that don’t have harsh ingredients.

And just in time, Koofty Enterprises sent us one of their products- Euky Bear Baby Laundry Liquid. I tried it last weekend and I am very satisfied with the result. I love it’s relaxing Eucalyptus scent!

Luke’s load of laundry for a week
3/4 cup of Euky Bear Baby Laundry Liquid does the job!

Luke’s clothes smells fresh and clean, it doesn’t have that strong smell residue compared to a regular detergent.

Clothes looking fresh and clean under the sunny sun!

More details on this product:
• laundry liquid especially for baby
• plant powered and gentle on sensitive skin
• removes stubborn baby stains (even kid paint stains!) and dust mite allergens (kudos to this!)
• with natural, 100% Australian Eucalyptus Oil
• NO harsh ingredients (NO synthetic fragrances or dyes, NO bleaches, NO optical brighteners, NO enzymes, NO zeolites, NO SLS, NO added phosphates)
• can be used for handwash and washing machine
• Australian-made and owned

Not tested on animals | Vegan-friendly | Eco-friendly

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Euky Bear Baby Laundry Liquid is distributed here in the Philippines by Koofty Enterprises. Koofty Enterprises’ products are available on Shopee and Lazada.