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September 29 is World Heart Day all around the globe. 

More than just a celebration, World Heart Day was established in the hopes that it could reach more people and be able to spread awareness about the perils of heart diseases and stroke.

Sanofi recognizes that this is a unique time to be worried about heart health and learn more about the steps that should be taken to ensure risk-free living, especially under a cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s heartbreaking to see those with comorbidities battle a critical to severe form of the virus- forcing them to put their lives on hold, be isolated from family, friends and people who matters most to them,” Amal Makhloufi Benchouk, the Philippines Country Lead for Sanofi, shared in her opening remarks.

Statistics have shown that 7 out of 10 people are diagnosed with hypertension, and 2 out of 10 hypertension patients die. Sanofi continues to respond to the challenge of dealing with comorbidities during this time, by emphasizing the need to address the lack of awareness and limited access to cardiovascular disease management. 

“Cardiovascular Disease remains the number 1 killer in the world, resulting in about 18.6 Million deaths worldwide and over 520 million people globally living with cardiovascular disease that has been disproportionately affected by the pandemic,” she remarked.

Sanofi’s mission has led them to create the Empower Hypertension Program, which aims to deliver awareness, prevention, and management to patients. The program provides enlisted patients with free coaching sessions led by nurse educators to arm them with information that tackles myths and facts about the disease, among others.

Sanofi has also partnered with Omron, a leading medical electronics company, to extend a 20% to 25% discount to patients, encouraging them to procure the technology in order to monitor their blood pressure regularly.

Sanofi remains committed to its mission to promote hypertension management at the early stages and to inspire individuals to take control of their own health.

To learn more about the program, visit or thru their Instagram account 

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Sanofi Philippines Partners with Connected Women to Raise Awareness on Family Health

June 30, 2021, Manila, Philippines — Dedicated to protecting the health of Filipinos, Sanofi Philippines has partnered up with Connected Women for a three-part online forum series to raise awareness on family health and lifestyle diseases. As Connected Women’s official healthcare partner, Sanofi is providing education materials and training to women, to empower them on the healthcare decisions.

The partnership was officially launched on June 30, along with the first installment of the forum series. The event, entitled FAMHEALTHY with Connected Women Online Health Forum discussed kidney health and overall family health.

Sanofi Philippines together with Connected Women for FAMHEALTHY

Sanofi’s Panata is to help Filipinos live healthier, and through this partnership, we are able to reach out to more women, who play the biggest role in family health. We want to empower these women, not just in their careers, but in health as well, and we hope to educate them on how they can better protect their families,” shared Dr. Amal Makkhloufi, Country Lead and General Manager for General Medicines for Sanofi.

“Women have so many responsibilities, and we often have a bad habit of taking care of everyone else but ourselves. With this partnership, we aim to highlight how to prioritize our own health, and to continue to spread the word about common health issues. So we are very excited to be working with an expert in the space of health, with passion in helping women,” said Connected Women Co-Founder Gina Romero.

During the discussion, Dr. Lynn Gomez, past President of the Philippine Society of Nephrology, talked about the basics of kidney health and how to prevent kidney diseases. “If you are able to detect kidney diseases early, then we can treat it. It’s preventable, and like we always say, ‘Everything in moderation’”.

Dr. Lynn Gomez talks about the basics of Kidney Health and how to prevent Kidney diseases.

The next two installments of the forum series will be held in the upcoming months, and will tackle discussions on other relevant lifestyle diseases.

About Sanofi Philippines
Committed to helping Filipino families in building a healthier Philippines, Sanofi is a multinational healthcare company that promotes a holistic approach to patient care. With top of the line products innovated to provide the best for patients, and health programs that empower and educate, Sanofi continues to be the thought leader in managing lifestyle diseases and improving access to medicine.

About Connected Women
Connected Women helps women reach their goals by enabling their access to connectivity, technology, training, and job opportunities. They aim to increase household incomes and create livelihood opportunities for Filipino women in both urban and remote areas through entrepreneurship, freelancing, and remote work.

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The HEART of the Family: Taking Responsibility For Your Own Heart Health and Spreading Awareness, Love & Support to the Family

The pandemic has impacted us in unexpected ways. It’s effect is far-reaching, not only because of the virus itself but also due to the questions it raises on our overall health and well-being. Among these are vulnerable patients, such as those with hypertension and other chronic conditions. That is why a holistic and proactive approach to managing our health is vital.

Last September 29, the World Heart Day was celebrated to raise awareness on our cardiovascular health and the chronic conditions that can have serious consequences on our health.

As part of its thrust to build a Healthier Philippines under its Panata ng Pamilya campaign and to help shine the spotlight on these serious health concerns that continue to affect Filipino families even amidst the pandemic, Sanofi Philippines, in partnership with BayanihanMD hosted a special World Heart Day session entitled Happy Heart, Happy Home.

Among the issues tackled by the webinar is the impact of hypertension among its patients and the important role of the family in managing this chronic disease.

“It boils down to lifestyle and that starts at home and what we’ve been exposed to when we were growing up. So if you grow up with unhealthy eating habits, you will really increase the risk of developing hypertension,” said Bayanihan host, Dr. Celine Fider.

Moreover, guest speaker and cardiologist, Dr. Anna Adora further stresses that while family history may play a role in developing hypertension, it is, first and foremost, a lifestyle disease.

“We run the risk of developing it from the choices we make. So it’s not hypertension that’s inherited but the unhealthy habits and lifestyle we pick up from our environment, our family,” she explained.

“That’s why the family is so important in managing these chronic diseases. If you have someone in your immediate family and household with hypertension, you and your other family members may also be at risk of developing it. So lifestyle modification must not just come from an individual level, but also for the entire family,” she adds.

Speaking on the partnership between Sanofi Philippines and Bayanihan MD, President and Co-Host Dr. Karl Ablola describes the two organizations’ mutually aligned advocacies.

“One of our objectives in this pandemic is to ensure healthcare access for all patients and that’s why we partnered with Sanofi Philippines,” he intimated. “Through WeHealth, Sanofi partners up with different platforms to bring healthcare to all; which is the same mission that we, at Bayanihan MD, have.”

Watch the episode here: