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L’Oreal True Match Foundation: True To It’s Words

Want to look fresh without that lagkit feel on your face? Read on!


As an on-the-go mom, I want something that will keep me fresh and looking good all day long! πŸ’• @lorealparismakeupshop was true to it’s words when they said that True Match Powder Foundation has a matte coverage and 8-hr oil control formula.

This product gave me a matte coverage but wasn’t able to cover my skin blemishes. What I love about this is I was able to have an oil-free face for the whole day without any touch ups! It is lightweight, too! πŸ’•

Smell was superb! (as I mentioned on my IG story the first time I got it) What was nah for me is the double sided puff, it looks soiled after a few days of use so I ended up using my foundation brush.

Will I purchase this? There’s a lot of product out there that can also cover my skin blemishes but YES, I need something that will last this long on my face, has SPF & Vitamin E and won’t clog the pores on my face! πŸ˜‰


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